Now that you’re on the bio page we can drop the third person.

My name is Mark Dury, and I’m a video editor/motion graphics designer that specializes in broadcast, digital signage and presentation support material [After Effects, Final Cut and Premiere if you want specifics].

Having studied film and multimedia, I spent four years honing my skills at a small startup editing the Classic Albums series of interactive videos, in addition to electronic press kits and TV spots for several major record labels. When the dotcom bubble burst I had the opportunity to purchase the studio's gear, so I moved quickly to set up Thoughtbubble and kept things moving along with no interruptions to the clients.

Over more than 15 years, I have developed thousands of projects for clients in the arts & entertainment and marketing industries; media companies, film/TV studios, major and indie record labels, as well as interactive agencies, market research firms, game developers, healthcare networks, and apparel companies.

With this much experience, I'm comfortable working in fast-paced environments under high-pressure deadlines. In fact, I prefer it that way.


* Both the noun and the adjective.


Mark Dury