I'm a freelance Motion Designer/Video Editor based out of Toronto, Canada.

I grew up in Niagara Falls, then studied editing and multimedia at Sheridan College before honing my skills at a downtown Toronto startup; editing interactive videos, electronic press kits, corporate presentations, and TV spots for major record labels.

When the startup folded, I was given an amazing opportunity, so I took out a loan and purchased the studio's furniture and editing system [notably the Beta SP deck].

Adopting the name ThoughtBubble, I rented space nearby and kept things ticking along with no interruptions.


Mark Dury


When analog tapes went obsolete and high-speed internet became reliable, there was no longer a need for an office downtown, so I relocated to my home, bought a standing desk [and treadmill!] and set up an office that is equipped with the latest hardware and software to service clients anywhere in the world.

My specialty is creating short, snappy videos for clients in the arts & entertainment, interactive, corporate, and marketing & advertising industries. I've had the pleasure of working with some really amazing and fun people, often teaming up with talented in-house creatives, over-burdened producers, and increasingly, direct-to-client.

Freelancing for over 15 years now, I've delivered hundreds of projects to happy clients. With this much experience, I'm not only comfortable working in fast-paced environments under high-pressure deadlines, I prefer it that way.

As a dad of two young daughters, much of my free time is spent with family. When I'm not introducing them to Star Wars and Studio Ghibli films, we like to hunt for cool toys at yard sales, make stop-motion movies, build box forts, and take classes at the AGO. The moments I get to myself are often spent reading or playing video games.

As a remote freelancer, I'm available for in-person meetings and coffee/beer in the GTA, after which I maintain close contact throughout the job via a combination of Slack, FaceTime, and email. Sometimes even phone calls.

Starting with the creative concept, I collaborate with you and your team to develop mood boards and references that are appropriate for the brand. This is usually followed by a couple rounds of animatics and basic sound design to assess the timing, readability, and pace of the video. Once everyone is on the same page, I prep the assets and begin to assemble the pieces together.

With fully updated gear and an arsenal of plug-ins, I use a combination of After Effects, Premiere, and Cinema 4D to bring the project to life. With frequent updates, we'll go through a few rounds of revisions to make adjustments, before adding a final layer of polish, and then I deliver it to you, on time and on budget.

No matter the format.

TV, Instagram, YouTube, corporate presentations, logo animations, digital signage, or explainer videos...

if it has pixels and needs to be seen on a shiny screen, I can do it.

Since 2001, I’ve worked with many different companies, including;